5 June 2018

Fast Ways to Transform a Bedroom

When you have moved as often as we have, you become very good at quickly making your new property feel homely. Getting the kids settled into their bedroom is particularly important. For children, their bedroom is a very important place. It is somewhere they can pass the time knowing they will be out of the way while you unpack. They can play there, speak to friends, watch some shows, and get their homework done and really chill out.

Fortunately, once you know what you are doing, you can usually get your child´s bedroom sorted out in a day or two. Your own too, if you want to. Here are the quick changes you will need to make.

Bedding and window coverings 
If you know what color scheme or theme your child wants for their new room order their new bedding before you move. You can click here and easily do it. That way you can throw their old covers away and unpack their new ones when you get there.

If you are planning to hang new curtains order those in advance too. You can ask the owner to measure the window for you or better still do it yourself on one of your inspection visits.

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Decorate before you put anything into the room 
Decorating an empty room is far easier than trying to paint or wallpaper one that has everything in it. So, if practical, make other sleeping arrangements for the children until their room is decorated. Perhaps they can stay with a relative for the first week or sleep on an airbed in the living room.

Work from the top down 
Start by painting the ceiling and hanging a new light fixture. If the ceiling is already in good condition, skip this task. It is bound to give you a neck ache, so only do it if it is absolutely essential. Next tackle the walls, then the skirting and the floors.

Paint a room fast 
Provided you are organized, two of you can roller paint a bedroom in a few hours. Once your children are old enough they will be able to pitch in and help. In which case, the job will go even faster. You can learn how to paint a room quickly by watching this short YouTube video.

Another approach that works well is to use wall stickers. These go up a lot faster than wallpaper does and it is nowhere near as messy.

Sort out the flooring 
If you have to renew the floors, laminate flooring is a great option. It goes down fast, is available in a huge range of designs and looks fantastic. The walls should dry out while you are laying the floor. So, immediately it is down you will be able to move the furniture in and make the bed.

Keeping things organized 
Redecorating a bedroom or moving everyone into rooms in a new home provides you with an opportunity to get things better organized. It is the perfect time to get everyone to go through their stuff and throw away anything they no longer use. You also get the chance to upgrade the storage. I am a bit of a storage guru, if you need any inspiration, click here to read the first post in the 7 part series I wrote on that very subject.

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