27 July 2018

Getting the Most out of Activewear

If the man in your life likes the casual look, items of activewear can make great gifts. Right now, menswear retailers like jacamo.co.uk offer a really good selection. Importantly, this firm sells this style of clothing in a wide range of sizes. As you will see, using modern track tops, jog pants and tops it is easy for any man to be comfortable and still look good. Here is a quick roundup of what is available with a few ideas of how the modern man could wear them.

Track Tops 
Narrow cut track tops are available in both fleece and heavy cotton. They are designed to b3 worn with track bottoms or joggers. However, modern track tops can also look good when worn with jeans and a t-shirt. They are lightweight enough to chuck in the back of the car to wear on a summer evening. In the winter, they are great for wearing under another coat when you are working outdoors or walking the dog.

Pullover hoodies 
Your husband will not get much use out of this style of hoody in the summer, but in the colder weather, they come in very handy. The fact that there is no zip or another type of opening down the front means the wind cannot get in. Plus, the fact that they have a hood makes them perfect for keeping the head warm.

For the man that likes an overall look, a tracksuit is a great option. The woven style is particularly good at the moment. These are typically made from lighter fabric that is a mix of cotton and man-made fibres like polyester. This style of fabric does not crease easily and can easily withstand being squeezed into a suitcase for a holiday. The fact that most of this year’s tracksuits feature a drawcord waist and cuffed trousers means they are really comfortable to wear while working.

2018 short styles 
Longer shorts, which finish just above the knees, are the most widely available. If your man prefers something shorter skip to the swim and walking shorts sections to find what you need.

Finish off your activewear look using trainers 
Generally speaking, trainers are the best option for the activewear look. The retro trend from last year appears to have continued into 2018. This is great news because this style of trainers looks particularly good when worn with the tracksuits and joggers that are around at the moment.

The right hat 
It is a bit hot to be wearing hats, but baseball caps with mesh sections can be OK to wear. They keep the sun off the face and because the air can circulate the wearer should not feel unbearably hot.

More activewear related fashion ideas 
If you like the idea of creating an activewear based capsule wardrobe for yourself as well as your man you can use this Pinterest board for inspiration. There you will find links to numerous articles on that very subject. On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional look, you may prefer to read this article which shows you how to turn 15 items into 75 outfits.

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