5 December 2018

4 Reasons Why a Heat Pump is a Good Alternative to a Furnace in Warmer Climates

When it comes to heating solutions that will get you through a harsh winter, many people go with furnaces as their top choice. After all, they're much better at warming up a house than a heat pump — right? The truth is that for many homeowners, heat pumps are often a better choice. Consider these four reasons a heat pump is better for warmer climates than using a furnace.

No External Fuel Source Is Needed
Much like an air conditioner, a heat pump works without needing an external fuel source. This is different than furnaces and other systems, for example, that run on something like natural gas or oil. Additional fuels can be remarkably expensive in colder climates, and in the case of things like oil, you'll have to order new fuel throughout the year to keep your house warm. But even in the case of natural gas, you'll have to worry about extra utilities to run a furnace.

Of course, the extra step of needing fuel isn't just expensive and an inconvenience. Heat pumps are wonderfully efficient and have a reduced environmental impact.

Heat Pumps Are More Effective Than a Furnace on Rare Chilly Days
Image via Flickr by s_p_a_c_e_m_a_n

Heat pumps are great for providing medium and high heat. These systems are also known for providing more consistent and more even comfort than what you'll get from a furnace. This is ideal for those days when the temperature suddenly drops. A furnace takes a while to get a house to a comfortable temperature initially, but then it can maintain it just fine. A heat pump is much better at bringing the heat when you find yourself suddenly needing it.

A Heat Pump Can Double as an Air Conditioner
Despite their name, heat pumps are equally capable of cooling and warming a home. When you need heat, the system circulates warm air up, pumping it into the property. In hot weather, the system reverses. It pulls the warm air down, moving the heat out of the home. This is a benefit even in especially hot climates. 

Though a heat pump may not be enough to replace an air conditioner completely, it can help traditional cooling systems run more efficiently.

Some Heat Pumps Are Smart
Heat pumps have some of the “smart” technologies you'll find in a smart thermostat, such as timer controls, so you can manage when you raise and lower the heat and smartphone access via a Wi-Fi connection and app. An HVAC company can come out to your home and evaluate whether it can accommodate a heat pump, so you can move forward with a new system. You'll also get a chance to learn about smart options to help your new pump run as efficiently as possible.

Heat pumps have many benefits that you won't get with a furnace. However, they do require annual maintenance to keep them in top shape. If you're curious about adding one of these systems to your home, work with a local technician to analyze your property, inform you about the latest heat pumps available, and set up a maintenance agreement to keep the system running well for years to come.

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