20 May 2019

5 Things to Know About Sports Nutrition

If you are really serious about any form of sports, you need to ensure that your body has everything it needs to undertake the involved activities, lest you find yourself having broken down. Remember that you consume more energy and perhaps, need a higher level of endurance as compared to people who don’t participate in sports. Therefore, your diet should be different from an ordinary person’s and for diet supplementation, sport dietary supplements like Wilson Supplements can be of great help. On that note, here are five things you need to know about sports nutrition.

The right supplements can put you ahead of the competition 
If you are determined to gain a serious edge over your sports competitors, you can take top-quality sports supplements such as Wilson Supplements, in addition to taking a nutritious diet, to improve the strength and metabolism body and/or increase your muscle mass. However, you should ensure that you buy the right supplement according to your sports goals and buy from reputable sources to avoid falling for fakes.

Enough fruit and vegetable intake improves food breakdown 
Your body has microorganisms which not only protect you from germs but also break down food to release energy. Sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables goes a long way to keeping these bacteria alive and in their optimal performance. On the other hand, if you don’t take enough fruits and veggies, the effectiveness of the microorganisms will reduce and some of them will even die. Therefore, ensure that you include at least a piece of fruit and some vegetables in each of your three daily meals. Also, eating vegetables low- fiber vegetables like tomatoes or fresh fruits like melons or any other fruit that’s friendly to your body one to two hours before exercise will boost your energy and endurance capability during for better performance in your sports activity.

You can’t perform well on an empty stomach 
A car can’t function without fuel. Similarly, you should expect to perform well in any sport if you are doing it when your stomach is empty. In case you haven’t eaten anything within two hours before the exercise, you should eat something light, preferably an easy to-digest fruit like bananas or take an electrolyte drink to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Proper hydration is an essential 
Dehydration is a threat to the well-being of any person. Although anyone can be dehydrated if he/she doesn’t take enough water, sportspeople are more vulnerable because of their higher body fluid discharge through sweating. When you engage in sports with a dehydrated body, you’re likely to experience performance and even worse, you might collapse and die if the dehydration is severe. Therefore, it is important that you drink plenty of fluids (preferably sports drinks or water) prior, in the course and after a sports exercise to ensure that you’re well hydrated.

There is no perfect food 
No food contains all the nutrients that your body needs. In as much as your favorite food is tasty and is seemingly well-balanced, eating is over and over without introducing something else in your diet can put you at nutritional risk. The best way to maintain healthy nutrition is to ensure that you eat an array of foods, with each meal having a distinct set of protein, carbs and vitamin foods.

As a sportsperson, your diet can make or break you. Observe proper nutrition to see your performance improve tremendously and extend your lifespan.

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