11 June 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a Ductless AC System

If you're looking for a better way to cool your home, a ductless air conditioning system may be the answer. This efficient system offers an innovative alternative to the more traditional duct-based central air conditioner that many homeowners are used to. Consider some of the following prime benefits to moving to a ductless system either for supplemental cooling or for a whole-home comfort solution.

Add Custom Cooling Where You Need It

A ductless AC system provides customized cooling for your home. You can connect a single outdoor unit to multiple indoor units and place these interior installations where you need the added air most. Do you have a finicky family member who wants more cooling in a bedroom? Perhaps your kitchen is perpetually warm, or perhaps your finished basement doesn't get the efficient temperature management that you'd like. You can position ductless units in any room, and customize the height and location of their placement within that space, to direct air exactly where you want it.

Installing a ductless AC system is quick and simple, requiring no more than a small hole in the wall between the interior and exterior units. This quick and easy installation adds zoned temperature control to your home without the need to install zoning within your ductwork.

Trim Your Utility Bills
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the air in a duct-based system is lost through leaky ductwork. A ductless system naturally eliminates this loss by pulling air directly into the home from outside. This directional pattern can help you dramatically reduce your energy bills. While you may choose to continue using your duct-based central cooling system for the height of the summer heat, you can transition to working with ductless units only during the shoulder seasons and use ductless systems for efficient supplemental cooling.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
Your ductwork can harbor a number of allergens and irritants including dust, dander, and pollen. A ductless system eliminates this problem for you. As fresh air comes into the home through your ductless unit, it passes through an ionizer field which removes potentially hazardous particles and helps keep the air clean and healthy. 

Create a Greener Home
Duct-based cooling systems can be hard on the environment. The air losses mentioned above translate to an unnecessary use of energy. Running independent units with a ductless system will help you eliminate excess energy use in a variety of ways. You won't have to use electricity to cool unoccupied rooms with a ductless system: You can simply turn off the units that are located in those areas. This versatility helps shrink your carbon footprint and ultimately provides you with a greener, more environmentally friendly living space.

If you're interested in trimming your bills and customizing your comfort, a ductless AC system may offer the smart, affordable answer that you seek. Installation is simple, whether you have an existing duct-based system or not. Start exploring your options for more innovative and affordable home cooling with your local HVAC contractor.

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