7 August 2019

Four Reasons to Have a Heater Tune-Up Before Winter Comes

While the summer is still heating up outside, the winter months aren’t far off. It may seem counterintuitive to have your heating system checked while the sun bakes the land outside. However, the summer time is a great time to have your heating system maintained before you actually need it. You have plenty of time if you need to repair it to have those repairs done before the first cold front blows through.

Maintain Warranty

One thing few homeowners realize when they own a system is that many manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance on the unit in order to stay valid. Schedule your regular tune-up with a Tampa heating repair company to keep your ac/heating warranty going strong. Replacing or repairing a part of the unit covered by warranty because you failed to maintain it is no fun.

Longer Life

The life of the system is longer when you have regular system check-ups. A technician can spot troublesome problems often before they become larger and more costly. Fixing a small leak is easier and less expensive than waiting until the unit stops working completely. The last thing you want is to need heat and not have it. Early replacement of the HVAC unit is often due to a lack of maintenance. A longer-lasting system saves you money on replacing the unit and makes sure you have the cool or warm air you want through your home.

Improved Function

One of the best reasons to have your HVAC checked regularly is that it improves the function of the unit. The technician inspects the entire unit. Improved efficiency costs you less to use the system whether cold or hot outside. Those savings extend to your utility bill lowering the amount you pay monthly to heat the home. Dust and debris can block vents preventing the air flowing. Cleaning the system removes any obstructing objects so the air circulates properly increasing the efficiency of the system.

Breathe Better

Another perk of having your HVAC system maintained before you turn on the heat the first time this winter is helping you breathe better. The winter months often bring colds through with the kids back in school and people spending more time indoors. Breathing clean air when at home can help you stay healthier. Dirty air only contributes to your breathing problems whether you have a cold or not. The technician can also give you tips to help maintain your system between tune-ups including when to replace your air filters.

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