15 April 2020

Top Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone in Your Home

Capture the beauty of nature right in your home by incorporating natural stone into your home. The versatility, beauty and durability of stone can transform any room in the house. Here are some popular ways to incorporate it.

Natural stone works great as a countertop for the kitchen, bathroom or wet bar. Marble countertops in Milwaukee WI resist cracking, breaking and scratching. The beautiful white with veins of grey is perfect for the modern home. Granite is still popular coming in a variety of colors. The dark grey of soapstone makes it a popular choice, not to mention the smooth, silky texture.

Formed into tiles, natural stone makes a fantastic flooring option. Natural wood may seem the height of luxury, but it misses the beauty and durability of natural stone floors. Granite can handle foot traffic while marble looks elegant and classic. Limestone can take the rigors of modern life while flagstone captures the rustic, modern look. Delicate sandstone may make the perfect flooring for a Spanish colonial style, especially in a special room with less foot traffic.

Transform the kitchen or bathroom with a decorative backsplash made of natural stone. Opt for textures beyond smooth for a truly natural look. Or go smooth with a mixture of natural stone tiles and ceramic. Create a pattern or choose a uniform look. Use for the tub skirt and shower surround for added luxury in the bathroom.

Surround your fireplace with the beauty of the natural stone. The fireplace is the focal point of any room. With the stone surround, it becomes a luxury point that draws the eye. The TV no longer is the center of attention. The crackling flames pop against the beauty of the stone.

Use less-expensive stone blocks outside to create a beautiful patio. Extend the beauty of the outdoors further with garden paths that snake around the yard. Create a pebbled look with smaller stones or opt for large ones for a simpler look. Use different shades of stone to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Take your home’s design to an all-new level by using stone tiles on the wall. Small tiles don’t weigh down the wall, but they create an interesting look and texture. Use as an accent wall for the room. Highlight the entryway with stones that match the paint. Decorate columns to make them stand out as a piece of the home’s d├ęcor. The options for natural stone are only limited by the imagination.

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