13 July 2021

3 Keys To Getting the Most From Music Lessons

Thinking about music lessons takes many people back to childhood and walking to the local music teacher's house for their hour a week followed by days of failing to practice.  Whether you're looking to get into music lessons for yourself or you're introducing your next generation to music, here are three keys to getting the most out of learning music.

Find Live Lessons

There are a lot of videos available online that can give you the basics of an instrument, but nothing replaces the interaction of a live lesson. If you aren't comfortable going to someone's home, much less sending your child off to a stranger's, remember that an online lesson doesn't have to mean a recorded lesson.

Companies like Forbes Music Company offer online piano lessons with live teachers, world-class instructors and allow you to choose your own musical style. Online lessons mean you can find the best teachers, not just the best teachers in your area.

Live lessons can increase focus during the time you have and it gives you time for real feedback on your progress. Without live feedback, it can be difficult to gauge your progress and you may not catch mistakes until they've turned into bad habits.

Keep Up the Practice

It was true then, and it's true now: you've got to practice. Online piano lessons or in-person lessons should be the moments that expand your horizons and demand more of you, but the only way that lessons can take you to the next level is if you practice on your own time to meet the demands of the level you are on. 

For kids, making sure they devote time to practicing can help them develop good habits that will last a lifetime. Kids will have to schedule a time to practice their music which helps them practice scheduling and time management on their own. It also helps develop a growth mindset. Kids learn that it takes work to grow and improve and effort is the key to success, not just natural gifts.

Focus on the Benefits  

A growth mindset is only one of the benefits of learning music. Whether it's for yourself or a child, it's important to remember that not everyone will be great at music, but everyone can benefit from the lessons beyond music that learning music offers. Music actually enhances children's brain function. Even older adults were shown to have improved memory and cognitive function after six months of lessons. 

Focus on learning discipline, patience and time management. Focus on the stress relief and lower blood pressure learning an instrument can provide. For students who do have some talent, it can also increase their self-esteem and become a way to connect with others. Playing music can bring people together in social settings and learning to play music makes you the key to connection.

There's never a bad time to start learning an instrument and with these three keys, you can make the most of learning that will benefit you now and in the future.



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