5 November 2021

5 Healthy Lunch Hacks for a Busy Mom

As a mom, you wear a lot of hats. One of them is probably “chef.” However, you don’t have time to don your apron all day, every day. 

Your kids still need to eat, even on the busiest days. So should you if you want to avoid blood sugar crashes and the related adverse health effects. Here are five healthy lunch hacks for a busy mom that will keep you and your kids fed amid the chaos. 

1. Work Your Freezer 

If you haven’t started prepping your meals once a week on a less busy day, now is the time to start. Write a meal plan with your grocery list and consider making a checklist you can refer to week after week to save time. 

Pick up the supplies you’ll need as well, like reusable freezer bags. You can freeze fresh fruit like peaches from the farmer’s market, remove all the air and enjoy flavor as fresh as the day you bought them home in the dead of winter. These items don’t take up much space, letting you stack multiple meals. 

Label each container and the date that you prepared it. Include any allergens if you have people with sensitivities in your family. 

2. Work Your Screen Time 

Maybe your lunchtime struggles occur because you’re still homeschooling your children amid the pandemic. You probably limit the amount of time they spend on the screen, especially if their studies involve considerable computer work. 

However, lunchtime is the perfect time to let your littles play a game or surf social media if it gives you uninterrupted time in the kitchen to prepare a meal. Your kids can take 15 minutes to do as they wish online while you assemble healthy wraps and sides. You won’t have to listen to cries of “I’m hungry” while you work your magic. 

3. Invest in the Right Box 

If you have to take your lunch with you to work while your littles go to school, you need the right gear. Today’s lunch boxes are nothing like the ones from years past. They now resemble Japanese bento boxes, with specialized compartments to expand your meal options with all kinds of goodies. Kids love them — and it lets you portion with ease. 

For example, you can cut up various veggies to eat with hummus dip on the weekends. You can do the same with fruit, cheeses and nuts. All you need to do each morning is grab one of each and put it in the appropriate container for a well-balanced plant-based meal that’s sure to please those of all ages. 

 You can even find versions that let you enjoy a hot lunch. All you need to do is prepare lunch-sized portions of your favorite meals. Put them within and touch a button for a hot meal right at your work desk. 

4. Collect Healthy Non-Perishables 

When you think of non-perishable food items, your mind might gravitate to things like boxed stuffing mix and canned soup. However, you can keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand. While some of these are expensive at the grocer’s, they stay fresh nearly indefinitely, allowing you to always have something nutritious to add to you or your child’s lunch. 

Start collecting the following the next time you go shopping: 

● Nuts: Nuts are among the top food-based sources of magnesium, a nutrient vital to neurological functioning and mood. 

● Pepitas: Pepitas have lignans, which benefit female reproductive health. Studies suggest sufficient intake might prevent breast cancer. 

● Sunflower seeds: These are a rich source of zinc and selenium, both of which play vital roles in health. Sufficient zinc intake can help shorten the duration of a cold. 

● Dried berries: These foods are some of your best sources of anthocyanins, a type of phytonutrient that can reduce your heart disease and cancer risk. 

● Dried mixed fruit: While you don’t want to go overboard due to the sugar, dried mixed fruit can add valuable phytonutrients to your diet. 

5. Cook Enough for Two Meals 

There’s nothing wrong with taking leftovers the next day. Perhaps the simplest healthy lunch hack for busy moms is merely cooking a bit extra the night before. Ensure you place your leftovers in a sealed container for freshness and label them with the date — you should consume most within two to three days for safety. Pizza is an ideal treat to take for lunch the next day, but you don’t have to order pricey and fattening takeout. Try one of these healthy recipes for two days of smiles from your little ones. 

Busy Moms, Try These Lunch Hacks 

Getting a meal ready for you and your little ones doesn’t need to take much time. Try these healthy lunch hacks for busy moms and feed your family well.

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