24 May 2022

4 Tips For Creating the Best Fantasy Football League

If your draft day is coming up soon, you might be thinking about how you can make some last-minute changes to your league that will have a big impact on its performance. Leagues can stagnate if you've been playing with the same group for a long time, so instead of throwing in the towel, why not try shaking things up a bit this season? Here are some tips for getting your league in the best shape of its life this year.

Good Owners Are Key

While it's easy enough to grab a group of your best friends and make them owners on your league, having good owners is actually the key to success in fantasy football most of the time. You want to find owners who are responsible and will take the role seriously, and won't abandon ship halfway through the season. Any good fantasy football draft advisor can tell you that experience doesn't necessarily matter when it comes to finding quality owners, either. It's more about someone's character than their football expertise, at the end of the day.

Host Your Draft Live

Draft day is one of the most hyped-up days during football season, and it's the same for fantasy football, too. If you're looking for the key to your "Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2022", one of the first items on your list should be prioritizing a live draft. This is going to get your league totally excited to participate in the season, and you can make the process more enjoyable by providing some drinks and hospitality.

Change the Rules

Sometimes the same league rules work for years at a time, and sometimes things need to be changed around to make it work for everyone. For example, you can change up your draft order to make the process more unpredictable and exciting for everyone. You can add more flex spots to your lineup, a helpful move for leagues where more than a few members are beginners to fantasy football. There are tons of ways to switch up the rules to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for your team, so don't be afraid to shake things up.

Change the Schedule Around

Just like the rules, the schedule for your league can actually be more customizable than you might imagine. A big problem many league managers run into is that members start running out of steam towards Week 17. By making Week 18 a final with a big pot attached, you can keep people interested and excited to participate the entire season. Another idea is to have two teams participate in a rivalry, particularly if the owners are real-life friends or relatives who would enjoy being pitted against one another. The trash-talking can get extreme, and the other teams will enjoy watching the rivalry unfold.

Being a fantasy football manager isn't just about knowing the rules and keeping everyone on a tight schedule. It's also about being creative and learning how to lead a group of people through a truly enjoyable experience.

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