26 June 2006

Busy bees

So it's been a month since we moved, and even though we were away with Grant's parents for two of those weeks, we've still managed to do an incredible amount of work around the house. We are currently still waiting for broadband to be connected (should happen tomorrow); as soon as we're online and high speed I will be posting before and after pictures of all we've done as well as photos from our holiday, which was fantastic. (For now I'll just say AAAARRGH in a vent that doing DIY with two kids underfoot is not easy!)

Speaking of the kids, it's amazing how much Daniel has grown. We attended a meeting at his school this week and got the order form for his uniform. I can't believe that in just over two short months he'll be off to school!

Noah is suddenly making leaps with his speech and is trying to copy words we say. His favourite words to say are "piggy" and "birdie". On Sunday he took about three or four steps from Grant to me and has repeated that a couple of times since, so I guess he's on his way to walking!

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