9 July 2006

Progress report

I’m so excited, the kitchen is looking fabulous even though there is a long way to go still. I love, love, love my pantry units! They are not too high (floor to top is just over 210cm) so I can reach the top shelf without standing on a chair, and they are not too deep (37cm deep) so nothing gets lost at the back. I still have to organise them properly but I can only do that once all of the kitchen units are in.

The plan for Daniel’s room has changed, all due to boxed-in piping. The box created around the piping means that the wardrobes won’t fit where originally planned so we’ll be putting them on the opposite wall – the same wall where the door is, so it also means fewer wardrobes and a little less storage space. It will be a lot quicker and easier to install them though, because we won’t have to work around the odd angled corner that would have been in our way in the original plan.

So in a nutshell, this weekend we have:

  • Built and installed third pantry unit
  • Put doors on pantry unit
  • Put handles on kitchen units
  • Built and hung one office wall unit including door (we need to hang it a little lower though, so that will have to be redone)
  • Built some of the deck frame
  • Drilled hole in counter and bottom of kitchen cupboard to route the extension lead and hi-fi speaker cables
  • Removed skirting board off wall where wardrobes will go in Daniel’s room

Here’s a pic of how the kitchen is looking so far:

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