26 August 2006

Odds II

We've completed a small section of tiling in the bathroom and Grant has grouted it. We chose ivory grout for a seamless look. He's all fired up to get the shower functional a.s.a.p. - although we can't shower there until the tiles have hung for 2 weeks (and then another 2 weeks once we've done the other side) he has a grand plan involving tacking up cheap shower curtains over the tiles and untiled wall. Here's how it's looking so far (grand plan hasn't gone into action yet):

In the dining room we have a side window which faces the neighbour's driveway. It's been a bit awkward without any window dressings, knowing the neighbour could walk past any time and see in - especially awkward at night when the lights are on inside and we're in our pyjamas. Grant wanted to put venetian blinds at the window and angle them so they let light in but blocked the neighbour's view but I was concerned that they would block too much light into the room anyway. We don't get a lot of light there as it is. So I came up with a brainwave - I bought some frosting film on eBay and we put it up the other night - voila! Privacy which still lets light flood through and I get to do my Roman blind like I wanted to. I thought it would soften the window a bit, allow me to block the light completely when I am editing photos (the window reflects onto the computer screen, which is opposite) and Grant won't have to bother about opening and closing the blind for privacy (his objection previously). We might use the £5 blind in the bathroom if it will fit. If not, we'll just take it back. Here's the frosted window (please excuse the spray bottle still there and the clothes horse):

I've accessorised Noah's room and love how it looks. I want to get his blind done - I'll do it on a batten that can be hooked on and off the wall so I can remove it when his window is done and when I do the second coat of paint on that wall. I will only post pictures when the blind is up; I want to show it all together - sorry!!

And even though it's only August, I've bought my first Christmas present off my list - never mind that the recipient hasn't even been born yet (hello baby Ethan)! I really want to be organised this year.

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