17 September 2006

Life is crazy busy

What a hectic weekend!!

On Friday I had two ordering sessions and then had to come home and set up for Saturday's sessions. On Saturday I woke up, showered, had some breakfast and finished setting up for my session. Grant took the boys out. My client (my ex Health Visitor) arrived about 10:45 or so with her newborn and almost-3-year-old. Did that session, then she left at about 12:00 and I started throwing things together for my next session, which was across town at 1pm. In the meantime, Rebecca and her family arrived - I had phoned her earlier to say that if she could shoot over between sessions I'd do pics of baby Ethan with my angel wings, which I had found (they'd been lost and she'd wanted wing pics). Quickly fired off a few shots of him with the wings on, Grant and the boys arrived home, then Rebecca & co left and I had the quickest shower ever (I get sweaty on a session, and needed to freshen up before the next one). Then I jumped in the car and shot across town for my 1 o'clock session, newborn twin girls. Session went well - I'd forgotten my softbox but I just did it with natural light, it was fine. I left there at 3:20 and drove home shaking and light headed with hunger, found Noah and Grant asleep and Daniel playing computer games. I had a bite to eat, Grant woke up and I caught a 1-hour nap as I was shattered. Then it was sorting boys out, getting them into bed and getting ready as we were going out to a wedding reception. Leah came to babysit (bless her) and we left at about 7:20. Got home around 10:30, chatted with Leah for an hour and then crashed. Phew!!

This week has already been just as hectic. I had another ordering session last night, today the builders have been in replacing Noah's window - they cracked a pane of glass so the window supplier is going to drop off a new pane and a replacement pane for the bathroom window (the white streaking on the bathroom window turned out to be white streaking inside the outer pane of the double glazing, so we can't clean it off) within about 2 weeks. But Noah's window is in now and the bathroom window brickwork is done and the roof is mended. Oh, except that the builder said that there is no felt beneath the roof tiles of the kitchen extension - apparently it used to be a flat roof so they just installed a pitched tile roof over it! He said we should prioritise getting the felt put in within a year and will quote us for it. Ugh, more money.

Will post pics as soon as I get a moment.

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