21 November 2006

Saturday's wedding

Natasha Marshalsea, a wedding photographer in Cheshire, was kind enough to let me tag along on Saturday at the wedding she was shooting, to try and get some practice and shots for my portfolio. She was so helpful, I can't tell you how valuable all her advice and tips are (thanks, Tasha!!) ... I was disappointed when I looked at my images though. I am a perfectionist (and tough on myself) and so it's hard to start right at the bottom of the ladder and have to make mistakes and learn from them. The good thing is I know why they turned out the way they did, and how to correct my mistakes and avoid the same issues - now let's see if I can do better next time. I'm determined to get it right!

Anyway, here are the shots that I could salvage, some of which I'll use in my portfolio.

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