30 December 2006

Crappy Christmas

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like your 5-year-old splitting his eyebrow open and your toddler puking all over you. And that was just on the 23rd.

Although it has been lovely to have my mom and Chris stay with us, I'm afraid we haven't provided them with the most pleasant Christmas. Noah has been very ill (throwing up, fever, snot galore, coughing, asthma) and I've been sick too (cold and sinus ... the broken nights aren't helping). Thankfully today Noah woke up cheerful and didn't whine and cry all day, and actually ate too for the first time in a week. He has lost so much weight!

Daniel has been an angel, just the sweetest and best behaved little boy ever, I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, it wasn't the best Christmas, but we're all on the mend, and we're together and we have that to be grateful for.

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