13 January 2007

Our bedroom

As promised, pictures of the newly painted and floored bedroom. As a reminder, this is how the room looked when we first viewed the house.

And now - please excuse the lack of pictures in the frames, the old navy blue pillowcases and the fact that I haven't bought cushions yet. Oh, and I didn't iron the new bedlinen.

I want to add a dark brown faux leather headboard.

With the bedside lamps on.

Close-up of the embroidered detail on the linen:

Will be putting on a black curtain pole, across the front of the bay window, with long white curtains with big eyelets. I also want to make a faux leather seat for the window units.

The new laminate floor. We'll be adding a dark brown valance to the bed.

I need to find / make a big piece of art for this wall. I'm thinking of fabric stretched onto a frame. As you can see, we still need to paint the woodwork white (it's currently mauve).

Unfortunately, this is what the other side looks like. We had to rip out the falling-to-pieces dingy old cupboard; we'll be replacing them with white Birkeland wardrobes from Ikea (like Daniel's):

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