30 July 2007

On the upswing

This weekend featured, among other things:
- the opportunity to take photographs
- shopping in a new place and the purchase of the most perfect little apple crate for my kitchen (pic to come)
- banoffee pie and chocolate cake
- a BBQ
- two three-hour naps

All of which make for A Very Happy Jen. Plus last week I was out with Rachel for most of Monday, Noah was in nursery on Tuesday, I was at Rebecca's for most of Wednesday, Noah was in nursery on Thursday and then Rebecca was here for most of Friday, so I feel like I've had my batteries recharged and have had enough of a break from one-on-one with Noah that I have reached a point where I can tune out the whingeing and ignore him unless he uses his words to ask for what he wants. This works with him, it worked with Daniel and I knew it, but I wasn't in a place to be able to cope with it last week. I am now and things are much better.

Also, I've discovered something new and fun for me - sewing little child-sized reversible aprons! I had no idea they would be so fun or quick or easy to make and I can't wait to make some more (for gifts and my Etsy store). In case you're wondering about the neck straps, they attach with velcro.

This was my first attempt, in fabric chosen by Daniel (it's for him):

This is a gift for one of Rebecca's daughters:

A gift for Rebecca's other daughter:

I made another one I haven't photographed yet. I'm not lying when I say they really are quick and easy - Rebecca was blown away at how much so. I threw one together in about 5 minutes while making lunch for the kids! Totally fun. I plan on including them in little baking hampers for gifts, as read about here on this genius woman's blog.

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