17 December 2007

Dreaming of the boys' room

The boys will share a bedroom in the new house. Luckily it's a good sized room - 14'6" (4.44m) x 12'9" (3.90m). Here's how it looks now (seller's stuff):

Inside the white doors is the boiler and shelves for storage

We will put in Ikea Pax wardrobes with Birkeland doors, like this:

White curtain poles, something like this:

Or this:

White beds which, to start with, will be placed seperately on the floor. Daniel's not old enough to go on a top bunk yet (I believe kids need to be 8?) plus I just prefer seperate beds.

I want to move the radiator from the wall where one of the beds will go, and get one of these for under the window:

I'm not sure what colour I want the walls, so they'll stay cream for a while. As for colours of linens, curtains and accessories I want to do something with lime, turquoise / aqua and red, maybe with touches of orange. I'm going to steer away from anything themed, because I've yet to find a pattern involving dinosaurs driving cars. Why can't my boys both be obsessed with the same things? Anyway. I'll probably end up making their linens and curtains, if I can find fabric I love.

ETA: Ooh, I just found this set from Next, featuring dinosaurs and in exactly the right colours!! Now if only I could find a set that kind of goes with it, featuring cars ...

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