18 December 2007

Procrastinator of the decade

You think you're behind with your laundry? I was TWELVE YEARS behind ... until yesterday.

I finally washed my wedding dress, over twelve years since I wore it on a hot summer day to get married.

Let's just think about that for a minute...


I designed my own dress, having been inspired by a dress in a scene from an old Shakespeare movie (I think it was As You Like It.) I went and bought the fabric, some lining and the lace for overlay.

Then, through word of mouth, I found a seamstress who used to work for Elspeth Rosenworth (South African clothing designer) and contacted her. She came to my home and I stood before her in a loose, figure-concealing t-shirt, explaining what I had in mind. As I spoke, she picked up a pair of shears and started just cutting into the fabric, just like that! I was freaking out, but she then held up the first piece of my dress - perfect fit. I couldn't believe it. She hadn't made a single sketch or pattern piece or even measured me. Her work was amazing.

In the end I was thrilled with the way she interpreted my design, and loved wearing my dress on our wedding day. I hired a net petticoat so that it stood out a little bit, and felt like a princess, as every bride should.

I don't have many wedding photos scanned, but you can see me wearing the dress here. It doesn't fit me anymore; even though I've lost weight and am a size 10 (US size 6) it is still much too small. I got married 6 weeks after I turned 20, but continued to grow until I was about 26. Of course, I've had two babies since then as well. Even if I ever got down to the 100lb that I weighed on my wedding day (!) my shoulders and hips are broader now, so, besides looking like a famine victim, I still wouldn't be able to fit into my dress.

I don't know why I am keeping it ... maybe I'll have a granddaughter or great-granddaughter who will want it (and fit into it?)

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