22 February 2008

First new studio shots

Last night we set up my studio properly and did some test shots to be sure that I am prepared for my session on Saturday. Everything works great! I love my new space. I also love my chippy chair - I got this chair for £1 (about $2) at a car boot sale. It was grubby and chipped in places so I washed it, sanded it and then worked away at the paint some more with the sander for a shabby chic look.

Here's Daniel modeling the chair for me. "Are we done yet?"

"No, really, can we get finished here?"

Moving onto a more willing model. "This is my good side!"

"Aren't I the cutest?"

And, I know not why I post this - me with messy hair (there was weather yesterday, okay?) and no make up (yes, I am aware that the bags under my eyes make me look as if I'm packing for a round-the-world trip.)

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