27 March 2008

Our superstar

I had a parent-teacher conference with Daniel's teacher today. By the time I walked out of there I was about to burst with pride. She said that Daniel is more than capable with every area of academics that they are working on, he is friendly, super popular, reliable, can be counted on to work well with other children, is usually the first to come and sit on the mat when required, is polite and pleasant.

He is in year one in a year one / year two mixed class and the other day she found him sitting with the year two group happily working on maths with them and coping with the work beautifully. She is aiming to move him from his current year one working group into the year one / year two mixed working group after the next school holiday.

She showed me a piece of work that he wrote today and it was excellent - well punctuated, good vocabulary (she was amazed at some of the words he came out with, and correctly spelt too) and well thought out.

Her parting words to me were, "Give me a class full of Daniels and I'd be happy!"

We are so proud of our sweet boy!! We explained to him that yes we are very proud that he is smart, but some people are smart and some aren't and that's the way you are made - what we are most proud of is that he is polite, respectful, obedient, friendly, reliable and tries his best and works hard. I couldn't be more pleased with him!

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