16 June 2008


I'm so excited, we have started growing produce! We bought a bunch of very cheap pots and troughs and have lined them up under our kitchen window where it is nice and sunny (er ... when the sun actually shines, that is.)

And here's what's in them.

(I heard you groan, but deep down I know you love it when I label the pics like this!)

1) Cucumber plant
2) Butternut plant
3) Lettuce seeds
4) Lettuce seeds
5) Patio tomato plant
6) Lettuce seeds
7) Spring onion seeds

1) Dwarf beans
2) Strawberry plant
3) Tomato plant
4) Two green pepper plants
5) Peas
6) Peas

Then, along the side wall where it is also sunny, you can see four more troughs.

They contain more dwarf beans.

Looking back towards the door you can see Grant enjoying the sun, the barbecue cooling off after lunch and the boys playing inside the barbecue cover.

I've labeled the pots with ice lolly sticks. And why are the rims of the pots so shiny? We've smeared them with Vaseline, which works a treat at keeping the slugs out of the pots!

Some of the strawberries:

The tiny patio tomato:

And on the kitchen windowsill I have some more goodies growing (or will do soon, hopefully!) - I've not labeled these. You can stop pouting now.

Left to right:
1) Three garlic cloves that had started sprouting - they've grown roots now so hopefully will actually produce something!
2) Brocolli seeds - will plant the strongest seedlings out in individual pots
3) Basil that I will keep on the windowsill

This week I plan on ordering an autumn-fruiting raspberry bush (Autumn Bliss) and planting that out in a pot too. I hope Woolworths gets more pots and troughs in as we cleared them out!!

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