26 June 2008

How does our garden grow?

Naturally, I have to post progress reports of our little garden. Everything has sprouted! I know we need to thin them out, we are just waiting for them all to get a little sturdier before we do so.

First, some strawberries growing and ripening:

Garlic growing on my windowsill (I need to plant them out.)

Brocolli, ditto.

Basil (this will stay on the windowsill.)

Peas! So exciting!

The beans have amazed us! The peeked above the soil the day before yesterday and now look at them.

The spring onions are coming up too.

At last the lettuce has sprouted.

Here are two of the beans sprouting in the troughs down the side.

Overview. Note the gap where the strawberry pot is missing.

We planted carrots all along the front wall a while ago. I never posted pics as I'm too ashamed at the state of the bed - we didn't prepare it at all and it's full of stones, etc. The boys were too excited to plant the seeds.

Here's the little flower bed alongside our front path. Look at the state of it! We had gale force winds last week and the bed is full of leaves from the tree on our front pavement and the rose bush in our back yard. I need to clean it out and plant a few more flowers between the impatiens and antirrhinums that are blooming so nicely.

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