15 August 2008

Crafty cover

Remember this beautiful bench in my studio? This is how the seat looked when we bought it.

A closer look at the stripe-textured cream fabric:

Now, with two little boys in the house I didn't expect the cream to stay cream for long so I covered the seat with a chenille throw:

Of course, with two little boys in the house it more often looked like this:

I also didn't like how the blue took away from the clean, calm cream and white tones in my studio. So I dug some fabric out of my fabric box and quickly whipped up a cover for the seat (luckily the seat lifts out of the frame).

Here's a close-up of the damask-textured cream fabric (yes, I have ironed it, it still looks a little creased in places):

The best part? I created it exactly like a fitted sheet, with elastic, so that I can remove it and wash it whenever I want to! Here's a shot of the underside:

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