6 August 2008

Menu board

Grant is quite willing to help out with the cooking if he's told what to cook. I'm quite happy to have a break from making dinner but it only works if Grant knows ahead of time that it's his turn to cook. We also want to involve the boys in cooking.

So I made this little menu board for our kitchen.

I took an old blue frame I had (8x12 inch / A4 size) and painted it brown, then painted it white and sanded back the edges to expose the brown. I designed a menu schedule and printed it onto scrapbooking paper that I had, then put it into the frame behind the glass.

Each week I plan the meals for the week and use a dry-wipe marker pen to write them on the lines beneath "Menu", adding which cookbook and page if necessary. Then I check Grant's shift schedule for the week and write who's cooking when next to the week days at the bottom, along with who is helping to cook (Daniel or Noah).

The reference you see at the moment to "SA dinner (Wed)" refers to the South African ethnic dinner party we are hosting tomorrow night - full details and recipes to follow!

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