9 September 2008

Dawn's question

Dawn from DeVoe Creative asked,

Where do you go or what do you do for inspiration?

For photographic inspiration I love Flickr and usually click on Explore - Last 7 days interesting and then just keep refreshing over and over. I also love looking at food photography and will do a search for something particular, e.g. muffins and when I find a shot I really like I'll go back through that photographer's photostream to see what else they have.

I also love the Full Access side of the photographer's forum I visit (ILP).

For decorating and crafting inspiration I subscribe to literally hundreds of blogs and sites and I love sitting and going through all of my feeds in Google Feedreader - it's like flipping through a magazine that contains stories, pictures, patterns, photographs of inspiring things. And because I read my feeds every day I am constantly exposed to inspiring things. Maybe one day I'll do a post of all 346 feeds.

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