9 September 2008

Mrs.HVK's question

Mrs.HVK asked,

How do you get eveything done that you do? I seems like you are the most organized, crafty, picture taking, baking/cooking, mother I know!

1) I don't watch TV, in fact we don't even receive a signal. We stopped watching TV about 3 years ago and it's been really good for our family. We do susbcribe to a DVD service and Grant and I like to watch CSI, Without a Trace, Bones, Heroes, etc, but that is only 45 minutes per episode (because there are no ads) rather than watching for hours a day. That frees up a lot of time.

2) I do, however, spend plenty of time on the computer between work and leisure. BUT I am a really really fast reader, which is how I can keep up with so many blogs and things online. I also type really fast.

3) I get bored and frustrated SUPER easily. I just can't stand being bored. I'm always doing something, and sadly it's usually quicker and easier to do it myself than to coax my kids to help, which is doing us all a disservice. It's really something I need to work on - teaching and delegating. I'll have to find the patience for it! But even when making toast, for instance, I can't stand there and wait for the toast so I get on with other things while waiting for it to pop. No patience!

4) My cordless phone is wonderful. My friend Rebecca and I seldom talk on the phone for less than an hour at a time, and that's at least a couple of times a week. While I'm on the phone I'll be cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, tidying a room, dusting, etc.

5) My eldest is in school from 9am to 3:20pm and my youngest goes to preschool every day from 1pm - 3:30pm. Grant works shifts so he is often around during the day and often at work in the evenings, so I can crack on with my projects.

6) Since moving I've been pretty lonely since my best friends live 3 hours, 1 hour and half an hour away respectively. I've not had much social interaction during the day and so I've had more time for crafting, homemaking, photography etc and more need for these activities as well as they make me happy.

7) I was a really late bloomer. I remember as a teenager feeling like I wasn't good at anything. I was "okay" at a few things, but there was nothing I shone at. It took me until I was in my late 20's to start discovering and developing my talents and now it's like I have this lifetime of creativity bursting forth. I find such joy in it.

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