6 September 2008

Question time and a prize

I love comments on my blog, and appreciate each and every one. Thanks so much to everyone who comments!

My stats tell me that there are quite a few lurkers out there too. So here's an ice-breaker to bring you out of lurkdom, and an opportunity for my frequent commenters too: it's your chance to ask me anything!

I can't promise that I'll answer absolutely everything, I mean, I have no idea what kinds of things I'll be asked, but I thought it would be fun to answer some questions. Maybe some things you've been wondering about me / my home / my blog etc.

By asking your question you are basically entering a prize draw - I will send the winner (randomly selected) eight 5x7 inch prints of any of my pictures (look through my Flickr stream to select) in any finish you prefer (colour, black and white, vintage or sepia).

So ... what do you want to know?

ETA: Comments are now closed; I'll do the draw, announce the winner and start answering questions. Thanks for playing!

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