6 October 2008

Three issues

I've been working on changing the way we live in three areas lately: being green, being frugal and being natural.

Doing our bit to reduce our impact on the earth and natural resources. Reducing waste. Recycling. Reusing or repurposing items. Using less energy. Walking instead of driving.

Finding cheaper ways of doing things. Saving more money.

I really feel like we need to reduce the number of chemicals we use. Think about it: we wake up and wash with chemicals, brush our teeth with chemicals, put chemicals on our body, eat chemicals on or in our food, clean with chemicals, and then we marvel at the increase of allergies, asthma, eczema, diseases, cancer, food intolerances, illness. I really want to find natural alternatives to the chemicals we use every day.

Now, sometimes it works out great and whatever change I'm making contributes to each of these values, for instance cleaning with vinegar and water (green, frugal, natural) or growing our own veg (green, frugal, natural).

Sometimes whatever change I'm trying to make contributes to two out of three, for instance buying thrift store clothes (green, frugal) or buying less processed food (natural, green).

Sometimes it only contributes to one, for instance recycling (green) or using butter instead of margarine (natural).

BUT sometimes even though the change contributes to one or two of the values it directly opposes another, for instance buying organic fruit and veg (green, natural, NOT frugal).

I find myself constantly reviewing what we do and how we do it in an effort to make changes that fit in with these values and don't undermine any. It's a juggle, but I do hope the small changes that I am making will make a difference to the planet, our budget and our health.

What do you do because it's green?
What do you do because it's frugal?
What do you because it's natural?
How many of these things overlap?

What can you just not give up, even though it's unnatural, not green or expensive?

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