11 December 2008

E numbers

On my last post I had a question about E numbers, so I just wanted to clarify here for those who aren't aware of them.

E numbers are the food additives such as emulsifiers or colourants or preservatives that start with E, for instance in bread it says "Emulsifiers: E471, E472e" (click here for the Wiki page on E numbers).

Both of my boys are sensitive to them. I don't know which ones specifically trigger them so we try to avoid them all. When they've eaten E numbers they become hyper, cannot concentrate, cannot focus, are disobedient, and sometimes rebellious, moody and aggressive. (I always wonder how many kids with ADHD actually have an E number sensitivity.)

Thankfully over here in England there is an awareness of E numbers, especially the colourants and preservatives which are the worst ones. Smarties (kind of like M&M's) used to be a different E number for each colour, but now they are all natural colourants so my boys can eat them again.

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