3 December 2008

Should I cut my hair again?

My hair used to be long, right down to my waist. I cut it short and donated the hair to Locks of Love (actually, I did this twice). Then I had short hair for a while and oh my gosh, it was so much easier to take care of. Loved it. What I didn't love about it is having to go for haircuts every 5-6 weeks as I don't like having my hair cut. My hair is so thick that it takes forever and I find it so boring. But the ease of maintenance made up for it.

Anyway, first I had it short but long enough in the front that I could tuck it behind my ears:

(Oh my, look at me all gussied up for work!)

(The baby is Daniel at around 4 days old - awwww!)

Then I had a very slightly different style, more rounded at front with shorter fringe (bangs).

I think I preferred the second style.

Getting to the point, the reason for this post is not to show off awful old photographs of me (ack!) but to ask your opinion - should I go short again? Now is the perfect time to come out of lurking! THE FATE OF MY HAIR RESTS IN YOUR HANDS!

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