18 January 2009

Two houses ago - master bedroom

This is how the master bedroom looked when we viewed the house and right after we moved in . All they'd removed was the bed; they left the rest of their rickety junk for us to dispose of. How rude!

We quickly settled in and our room was filled with our own junk:

In the winter we noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in the corner. We planned to check into it once Christmas was over and my mom and stepfather had left. One afternoon I went to lie down for a bit. I woke up from my nap, got up and was just about to leave the room when *CRASH*! The ceiling caved in!

Luckily it happened before we painted! But it did prompt a coat of paint and we chose the same pale ivory as the hallway. The chest of drawers went into the alcove after we removed some shelves and baskets provided storage.

Excuse the plastic basket containing Noah's nappies (diapers) and wipes.

I dyed a pair of white curtains purple (they needed lengthening; never got around to it), bought new bedding and we bought two skinny wardrobes and a shelf from Ikea. We added little shelves to act as nightstands and we clamped tiny lamps to them.

We later bought a matching wardrobe off eBay - score! The computer armoire from downstairs ended up in our bedroom when I started my business - it was in the way downstairs when I did sessions.

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