12 June 2009

Two fab products

Noah and Daniel have always had tiny little hips. If I buy their jeans and trousers to fit their hips, they are way too short. If I buy the right length, they are constantly hanging onto their trousers to keep them from falling down. Neither of my boys is very good with messing around with belts, especially Noah.

Here's a layout in Daniel's third year album that I did about this little problem:

Hold on tight

Then I discovered Dapper Snappers through a fabulous blog called Parent Hacks. What a tremendous product! I immediately clicked over to Toddler Tech USA and ordered two navy blue ones with copper snaps. They arrived quite quickly and Noah has already used his. I have to have his on the tightest setting, he's so tiny. Totally fantastic product! One of those items that is cheaper and easier to just buy, even though you could make them. He can now pull his jeans on and off himself (no belt to mess with) but they stay up the rest of the time.

The other good idea I wanted to share was Hip T's. If you click on over to their site you'll see it's basically a band that goes around your hips so if your top rides up nobody can see anything they shouldn't. Well, not one to spend money if I can be crafty, I took three old lycra t-shirts (an aqua one, a white one and a brown one) and cut them off just above the waistline. Because they are knit fabric I didn't even have to hem the top. They work a treat! I just pull one on and situate it around my hips and now I can bend over or stretch for things and there's no flashing of my unmentionables. (The t-shirts I used were the stretchy £3 ones from Primark, for my UK readers.) Score! I also like the little bit of layering interest they add to my outfit.

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