16 December 2009

Christmas cupcakes

Last night at around 8pm Daniel informed me that the next day (today) was his class Christmas party (which I did know about) and that I was supposed to send cakes (which I didn't know about). Luckily I had some poppy seed cupcakes in the freezer so I took them out to defrost and then this morning I whipped up some green buttercream and piped little piles of icing on top of the cupcakes. Some sprinkles and a silver ball on top make each one look kinda like a little Christmas tree.

And here's my tip for transporting goodies to school: cut the side off a cereal box, add a staple to each corner for extra security (added after I took this picture) and pop your treats inside. You can wrap the whole deal in foil or plastic wrap. You don't have to worry about getting your container back and the teacher doesn't have to worry about returning it.

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