11 January 2010

Another email from Grant

I spoke to Grant on Skype for a bit yesterday. He says it is so laid back and casual there, it reminds him of Cape Town. (For those who don't know, we both lived in Cape Town pretty much all our lives until we came over to the UK ten years ago). Everyone has been really casual and friendly. He also said it's very multi-cultural.

He emailed this morning - here are some excerpts:

"been another hot day, and MY BAG ARRIVED!!

"woke up around 8 and went to devonport (about 10min drive) in search of chemist. devonport is also near beach (as is everywhere) and just sat for half an hour at beach front while i waited for chemist to open, bought flixonase which was 24 dollars, yikes! things seem about the same price or more expensive here.
"also went to large supermarket called 'new world' and bought bbq and salad stuff, came to 50 dollars, also yikes! bought boerewors sausages [South African sausages] for 12 dollars, which was same price for all other sausages and bought 2 packs of beef, got a lettuce tomato cucumber and potatoes and a mixed drink.
"got back home and was reading for 10min when there was knock at door and i thought they were home but it was the delivery guy with by bag...
"had a lekker braai [bbq] and then went looking for jeans, cause the ones i bought are the wrong ones, anyway the choice for the cheaper ones is not good and there were none in my size, cheap ones were 35 dollars and went up to 90 dollars. def more choice for clothes in uk and also cheaper in uk, also bought a sim card and am using amanda's old phone. the sim was 30 dollars and i bought 20 dollars credit.
"went to taranaki boat ramp and beach for a look and saw all the vehicles parked with trailers, must have been about 20 of them and 18 were 4x4 and 2 were not, quite a lot of people on beach and swimming and lots of boats coming and going,
"they have 2 cars here and only use the 2nd one on weekends when taking kids to sport and also took both cars to camping, so he says most of time the 2nd car is not used, so he says we can use their 2nd car when we first get here if we want, until we buy our own."

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