9 January 2010

Grant update

Grant just emailed and texted me from Hong Kong airport where he has another layover and free WiFi. We managed to have a nice chat on Skype - we are so blessed with modern technology! It's 12:45 here and I've just finished my lunch ... it's 8:30pm where he is.He sounded so tired. He literally didn't know what day it is because of the time zones and hours of travel.

He said that when he was re-routed via Tokyo and Hong Kong he was switched from KLM (which he said was rubbish, didn't even have individual screens on the seats) to Cathay Pacific which has been awesome. He loved the Japanese meal they were served.

When he got to Tokyo airport there was a man standing there with a sign "Mr Grant Morris" - Grant said he felt like James Bond because this guy was like, "There's a bus waiting here for you. Go to Terminal 2, find Exit 60, then proceed to gate X." They went outside and there is a huge empty bus waiting just for Grant! He was very grateful for all of the precise instructions because otherwise he would never have found his way. There was apparently an automatic sky train involved as well. But he got to the next destination safely and that's when he rang me.

He said he's slept a little, maybe 4 hours on and off. On his original flight plan he would be arriving in about 5 hours and he said it would be okay, not too brutal, if he only had another few hours to go, but the fact that he now still faces a 10h45min flight is a killer.

Poor guy, I can't believe I had a day at home, picked up the kids, we had supper, went to bed, slept through the night, been busy with chores this morning ... and he still isn't even there yet because it's quite literally on the opposite end of the earth from us. It's just crazy.

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