9 January 2010

He's there at last!

I woke up at 1:45am and couldn't sleep. I came downstairs to check if Grant had arrived yet and emailed but no message. I managed to get back to sleep and must have fallen deeply asleep enough that I missed his call at 2:55am! He was phoning because he couldn't find our friends' address on the sat nav and wanted some help finding where they were. He eventually figured out that he was looking for their street in Takapuna but it's in Belmont. (Our friends are away until Monday.) When I got up this morning there were a couple of emails from him. He said:

"I made it eventually. Will email longer tonight once I have had a lie down. First gonna go find shops to buy something to eat.

"I didn't have much luck with the whole journey as you know and it got worse cause my bag didn't show up. Probably got lost when I changed flights. They are going to keep looking and ring me if it turns up, they gave me 130 dollars so that I could buy essentials to keep me going. So first thing I went from collecting the car to a large store right next to the airport called 'The Warehouse' and bought shorts, 3 t-shirts, socks undies and toiletries. Dunno what I will do if it's still missing next week.
"It's lovely here, feels very much like Cape Town, and it's 20 degrees which feels quite hot for me coming from freezing. Off to the shops and a nap."

And then a bit later, 8:15pm there:

"sorry can't stay awake, will have to do long email when i wake up.
went to the shops for some grocery stuff then got a chinese take away.
it feels a bit like the shops when we were in spain, nothing big...or even as if you are in gansbaai [small coastal town in SA], got that sea resort feel to it and most people in sloppies [flip-flops], shorts and t shirt.
night night"

I'm so glad he arrived there safely but I just knew his bags wouldn't. UGH!! Hopefully they'll turn up soon.

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