12 January 2010


Last night I looked out the window and saw that the snow looked like it had started to melt. Hooray! This morning a glance outside confirmed that it has melted in patches and it had been raining a little.

I was so excited. I though I could get some groceries delivered or even go to the supermarket myself. (Clearly I am suffering from extreme cabin fever to consider doing grocery shopping in the flesh rather than online!) I could attend the two appointments I have been shuffling forward, unable to attend. I could visit friends, they could come and visit me.

And then I stepped outside.

Do you know what happens when you pour water over ice? It creates the slickest, most treacherous surface known to man. There are cars skidding in my road and getting stuck on kerbs. I had to hang onto Noah with a death grip on the way to school, and just as well because he kept slipping. Daniel had to walk right next to the wall in case he slipped (my other hand was full of Noah's school bag and lunchbox so I couldn't hold onto him too.) I nearly fell a couple of times on the way back, complete with cartoon-light windmilling arms.

So the lockdown continues and we won't be going anywhere. I feel really isolated, not seeing antoher adult for days on end, but I am so grateful for the friends and family who have been phoning and checking on me and offering some conversation and a listening ear. I honestly feel so very supported and blessed.

I spoke to Grant briefly this morning, he sounded almost drunk he was so tired. He has the academic tests tomorrow so I hope he has a good night's sleep. Here's a bit from his email:

"we stood outside on the entrance steps as the whole place is being renovated and has only a few offices open, so i asked her about when the interview would be and she said that due to the building being repaired they might not be able to fit the interview in while i'm out here, and could i come back another time to complete it...so i obviously said...um no!
"anyway she said that if i pass the academic testing tomorrow morning she will then go speak to her boss to see if they can arrange for the interview at another location."

How ridiculous. He's been in contact with her for months, arranging everything. Oh well, if he can't have his interview while he's over there I guess they'll have to do it by phone later.

So this weird limbo feeling continues, stuck in the house for days on end and waiting to hear tidbits from Grant.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!

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