7 September 2010

Teachers are angels - at least this one is

It's my kids' third day back at school. Noah had a hard time this morning and didn't want to go in the gate. I have to hand him over at the gate and leave but I watched from afar and he just didn't want to talk to anyone or go stand in line to go inside. He looked so sad and forlorn and I felt so worried about him. Some of the teachers and the head teacher tried talking to him, brought a friend of his over, and tried to get him to go stand in line but he just didn't want to and stood with his head down, unwilling to go away from his spot next to the gate. It broke my heart. Eventually his teacher came over to him when the kids were going inside to start their school day and he went with her and I went home.

About an hour later I got a phone call from his teacher saying he was fine and that she didn't want me to be worrying about him and that he'd settled okay. I thought it was so sweet and kind of her to call me, I never expected it - I'm sure teachers have to deal with reluctant kids pretty often. It really made my day that she took the time to call and let me know he was doing okay and had settled all right.

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