30 March 2011

NZ update - we (kind of) know when we'll (possibly) be going

When we delivered our Permanent Residency application to New Zealand House on Valentine's day a little voice in the back of my head whispered, "June." I didn't want to listen to it. June? Are you kidding me? That was months and months away from February. And the guy at immigration said he'd be surprised if it took us as long as a month to be granted PR. La la la, not listening, crazy little voice in my head.

But as you know, it's been just over six weeks and still no PR. Grant emailed our case worker yesterday to ask if there was an update and she said no, not yet, and there probably wouldn't be one for two to three weeks.

Cue my meltdown. I just don't understand why it's still going to take weeks when we know we've given them everything they've asked for and as far as we know our file is complete. Total frustration.

In Grant's job offer letter they mentioned that he'd have to quit his job here by 4th of May. He phoned his NZ recruitment officer to ask what would happen if we didn't have PR in time and she said that they would issue another letter with a date 3 months later.

But the way things stand now, it looks like Grant will likely be starting at the college in NZ in July or else August if we don't make July. I'm going to assume July or else I will go even more insane.

Which means we'd be flying there in ... June.

Just because you hear voices in your head doesn't always mean you are crazy.

I'm actually okay with it being that far out - it will give us time to send our stuff ahead of us (as it takes 10-12 weeks) and arrange everything we need to. And although we don't have a date yet, or PR, I feel a little better knowing (kind of) when we'll be (possibly) be going.

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