26 August 2011

True love

Six days after Grant and I met we were sitting in his car at a traffic light and I looked over at him and realised I loved him.

I freaked right out (internally). How had this happened? I didn't even know him; how could I love someone I didn't even really know? I hadn't given permission for this to happen! I hadn't even known him a week and although we'd seen each other every day wen hadn't spent that much time together. How on earth could I love him???

But I did, and I still do. Grant is my first love. I had never been in love before. I fell in love with him hard and fast and have never wavered.

I have fallen just as swiftly and completely in love with New Zealand.

We've only been here for two months and I love this little country with a fierceness that has no logic. When I dwell on the fact that I actually live here now I get butterflies in my stomach. When I think about New Zealand I can't help a smile steal across my face. I feel passionately patriotic and giddily in love in a way I've never felt about any other country before.

We're still guests here, although we do have permanent residency status. I'd never been to New Zealand before and have hardly begun to sample what it has to offer yet. But I love it. I can't wait for the day I can call myself a Kiwi.

I am so blessed that I get to live here, in this little slice of paradise and I hope I never take it for granted.


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