19 September 2011

Crate makeover

I have this little crate that used to sit on the kitchen windowsill. It now resides on a little white cabinet (that also used to be in the kitchen, with the bread machine on it), in my ensuite bathroom.


I was tired of the green and wanted a new look so I painted it with navy and white stripes.


I like it so much better now! It looks so cute with the red towels that I usually have in there. We also have navy, brown and turqouise / teal towels which would all go with it.

I used masking tape on it so I could swipe on the last coat of white paint and when I pulled the tape off it pulled some of the navy paint off as well as the green paint underneath, exposing the wood. I love it!


In case you're wondering, the crate holds my daily essentials - cottonwool pads in a glass jar, roll-on deo, Clinique clarifying lotion (in the pink top spray bottle), moisturiser (you can barely see the pump bottle front left), hair gel (in the blue top pump bottle) and hairspray.

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