25 April 2012

Some random facts about me

1) When we're out and about and I see someone taking photos of their family / friends I always go over and offer to take a photo of them all together. I can't think of anyone who has ever said no. It's nice to have a picture of everyone rather than one person always missing because they're behind the camera.

2) If I haven't had enough sleep I wake up with a song stuck in my head on repeat.

3) I have to have two pillows to sleep - one for my head and one to hug against my chest.

4) I can't lie or sleep on my left side or I get excruciating muscle spasms behind my left shoulder blade afterward.

5) You know when a dog's ear sometimes flips inside-out? I cannot handle it *SHUDDER*

6) When I spot something that I really like in a store, I don't go straight to it, for some reason. I tend to circle around it looking at other items on surrounding shelves before picking up and looking at the thing that originally caught my eye. I have no idea why I do this - perhaps to savour the anticipation?

7) I frequently get overwhelmed with gratitude when visiting the library. I find it just so amazing that we have this wonderful resource and all of the riches that books contain, and that it's free! It blows my little mind and makes me quite emotional.

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  1. Hello Jen: This was a pretty neat post.
    1) I like that when someone offers to take our picture as I am usually the one left out.
    2)Perfectly strange I must say
    3)Me too!
    4)Wonder why that is? Maybe a pinched nerve in your neck or something!
    6)Funnier! But I like the idea of looking around while savoring the anticipation of finding what you spotted.
    7)Me too! Just too unbelievable.
    Hope your day is awesome

  2. 4) I think it's because in general I have pretty loose ligaments so my shoulder stretches too far and pulls the muscle, but I don't know why it doesn't happen on the other side.
    Hope your day is awesome too!

  3. Hi Jen, you don't know me but I have been following your blog for a long time. I first got to know about it through Judy Bray and Di Schwulst. I too have the same experience when I go into a beautiful well stocked library! We spent 6 months in Christchurch NZ and we spent so much time at the Central Library - what a magnificent place! We borrowed all sorts of media and loved it! And it was free!!!! Our kids even participated in a summer reading programme while there. How blessed the New Zealanders are to have such a terrific resource! We miss it sooooo much! Keep up the excellent blogging!

  4. 1, 6, and 7 for me. I feel the same in a bookstore as I do in a library. So many books, so little time!

  5. 1) I love when someone offers to do that; if I have to someone I suss them out - do they look like they can take a photo? And can I run faster than them if they take off with my precious camera? :-)
    2) That must be annoying? It doesn't last all day, does it?
    3) Just one for me, but I do curl up when asleep.
    4) I always sleep on my right too - I have a frozen shoulder and the left is painful.
    5) It is weird, isn't it?
    6) I just hate shopping, but understand the anticipation; like leaving the best 'til last?
    7) Oh! And me. Considering an ereader at the moment. Not to replace real books, but as an extension of them. I love that our library now do ebooks. It means that when I can't get to the library I can still borrow books (and don't get a fine for not taking them back in time!! LOL) Books are my passion and the only things I enjoy shopping for!

    1. 2) On and off, and it may change to a different song.

  6. I'm totally with you on 3 & 4! Except I can't lie on my right side! Number 5 made me laugh, my pet hate, literally is when the cats wash themselves!!! xxx

    1. Ha ha and you have cats!


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