25 April 2012

Some random facts about me

1) When we're out and about and I see someone taking photos of their family / friends I always go over and offer to take a photo of them all together. I can't think of anyone who has ever said no. It's nice to have a picture of everyone rather than one person always missing because they're behind the camera.

2) If I haven't had enough sleep I wake up with a song stuck in my head on repeat.

3) I have to have two pillows to sleep - one for my head and one to hug against my chest.

4) I can't lie or sleep on my left side or I get excruciating muscle spasms behind my left shoulder blade afterward.

5) You know when a dog's ear sometimes flips inside-out? I cannot handle it *SHUDDER*

6) When I spot something that I really like in a store, I don't go straight to it, for some reason. I tend to circle around it looking at other items on surrounding shelves before picking up and looking at the thing that originally caught my eye. I have no idea why I do this - perhaps to savour the anticipation?

7) I frequently get overwhelmed with gratitude when visiting the library. I find it just so amazing that we have this wonderful resource and all of the riches that books contain, and that it's free! It blows my little mind and makes me quite emotional.

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