18 May 2012

What I wore to the hospital yesterday

I had to take the boys to the oral health unit at the hospital for a follow-up on their bonus teeth and this is what I wore. Not only do my jeans fit me (when they haven't in about a year) and not only can I zip up my boots easily but much to my astonishment I could easily zip up my boots over my jeans! The last time this happened was exactly ... never. So I'm a little excited.


Black t-shirt: Pagani (on sale)
Rose print grey cardigan: eBay
Jeans: Matalan
Boots: Clarks outlet store
Scarf: Clarks outlet store

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  1. You look fabulous!! How did the boys get on? xxx

  2. That's awesome! It's always great to see your hard work pay off.

  3. You look great Jen! Have you been doing WW?

  4. Looking good! The outfit is cute, and you look amazing!

  5. Looking good. And I just have to say - I love your hair like that. :-) Jude,x

  6. Well done, it feels so good to fit into clothes again!

  7. High Five!! What have you been doing to slim down?? It's all the sun and surf I tell ya!!


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