17 May 2012

What I wore shopping on Monday

I haven't been able to wear these skinny jeans since way before we emigrated. So ... yay! I like these particular jeans as they are a slim cut but don't strangle your ankles. I also love the super dark wash.


Black t-shirt: can't remember
Cardigan: eBay
Jeans: Matalan
Purple ballet flats: Tesco (kids department, on sale)
Scarf: Matalan (I think)

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  1. Very cute and stylish!

  2. You. Look. Simply. Stunning. Truly, you inspire me! I want to be a stay at home mom someday (when we finally decide to brave that new frontier!) and be crafty and cook healthy-ness for my family and so on, but I have heard so many "horror stories" *cough*excuses*cough* about baby weight and how having kids permanently wrecks your body. Thank you for dissolving those for me! I LOVE your blog!


    1. Awwww, thank you SO MUCH! You are too sweet. xx


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