28 September 2012

My favourite apps

I've had my iPhone for a few months now and use it SO much. I wanted to share some of the apps I most enjoy. These are in addition to the standard, clock, weather, Facebook and Pinterest type apps. There are also other apps that I use a lot but unless I love them I haven't mentioned them in this post - I didn't want this post to be too long. Maybe I'll do another of these posts in a few months' time.

So, here are my most loved apps.

EEBA - Easy Envelope Budgeting Aid (free)


I have to start with my very favourite app, the one that has changed my life the most. Okay, that sounds melodramatic but seriously, I am an intelligent woman but have struggled to stick to a budget my whole life until now. This app is amazing - you create various "envelopes" and load them with your budgeted amounts when you get paid. Then when you spend money you enter it into the app and you see the little green bar on each envelope decrease. I guess it took physically seeing my budget functioning for me to get it. I LOVE IT! Plus it syncs to an online account so Grant and I can use the same budget on our separate phones - if he spends money somewhere and enters it into EEBA then when I sync my phone the change will show. CHANGED MY LIFE, I tell you.

Battery Doctor (free)


This app guards your battery as you charge it to extend battery life. It give you an accurate power level and time-remaining reading. It rates your charging habits ... I am a bit of a "need gold stars" person so I partly use this app to maintain my battery but mainly to get told I have a 5-star charging habit (Just kidding! Sort of...)

Unit Conversion Calculator (free)


A super handy calculator for converting any units of measurement, for example converting an inch into centimeters. The units it converts are:
- weight (ounce, pound, gram, kilogram, metric ton, milligram, long ton (UK), short ton (US), stone, dram, carat)
- length (inch, centimeter, meter, kilometer, millimeter, feet, yard, mile, micrometer, nanometer, picometer, angstrom, light year, nautical mile, nautical cable, rod)
- volume (liter, milliliter, cubic meter, cubic centimeter, US gallon, imperial gallon, cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, US quart, US pint, US fluid dram, US fluid ounce, barrel (oil), milliter, centiliter, deciliter, decaliter, hectoliter, kiloliter)
- temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin)
- time (second, minute, hour, day, week, year, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond)
- speed (kilometer / hour, meter / second, miles / hour, fee / minute, feet / second, knot)
- area (square meter, are, hectare, square kilometer, square centimeter, square millimeter, square mile, square yard, square feet, square inch, acre)
- angles (degree, radian, gradian, minute, second)
- computer storage units (byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, bit, kilobit, megabit, gigabit)
- power (watt, kilowatt, horsepower, food pound / minute, foot pound / second, BTU / minute)
- energy units (joule, calorie, kilocalorie, Newton meter, watt hour, kilowatt hour, erg, foot pound, British thermal unit, kilojoule, megajoule, gigajoule)
- pressure (Pascal, kilogram / square meter, centimeter of mercury, inches of mercury, bar, atmosphere, pound / square foot, pound / square inch)
- radiation (becquerel, curie)
This app comes in very useful when converting recipes, or when browsing property and they state the area in hectares (what's that in acres?), or figuring out what temperatures are when bloggers talk about Fahrenheit and I function in Celsius, etc.

Oanda Currency Converter (free)


An easy to use app that converts any currency you choose into any other currency you choose, with specific amounts that you enter.

Pts. Plus Diary (free)


I am following the Weight Watchers programme but since meetings here are SO expensive I am doing it at home by myself until I reach my goal weight (then meetings will be free). I don't even want to shell out the money for the online version as I don't really need it - I know the programme, I just need to do it. This app helps me because it contains pretty much everything I could get online ... but for free. It features:
- food tracker
- daily / weekly points tracker
- ProPoints  / Points Plus calculator
- food lookup with values
- barcode scanner with values for food products within the database
- activity points calculator
- weekly ProPoints / Points Plus breakdown
- recipe builder
- restaurant meals

Sygic GPS navigation (NZ$46.99 - will vary depending on your country)


Not cheap but worth it when it makes each of our phones into GPS navigators (i.e. buying the app once was cheaper than buying two new GPS units, plus we'll always have them with us). This app works without using your data at all. Very useful.

Viber (free)


Free smartphone-to-smartphone phone calls and text messaging. This is fabulous for keeping in touch with friends and family in South Africa and the UK! More of my friends need to get smartphones (I'm looking at you, Laura and Leith, in particular)!!

Free To Do List for iPhone (free but I have upgraded to the ad-free version for $1.29, I think)


I have tried SO many list apps and this one is my favourite. You can create various lists, tick the items off or just delete them as you go. This one is simple, no frills and does exactly what I want it to. I use it for everything: blog post ideas, things I need to pick up next time I go to the dollar store, to-do list, groceries, etc. A handy place to keep all of your lists together.

DaysUntil? (free)


You can enter a bunch of different events and their dates and this app will tell you how many days until each event. It will also alert you when the date rolls around. (Only 6 days until my dad arrives!)

iPeriod (free)


Keeps track of your monthly cycle. You can enter all sorts of information like symptoms but I just enter the first date of my period and it helps me remember when I'm due on again.

Okay, onto a few games. I don't play many games on my phone and the ones I do play are word games. These are the ones I enjoy:

Moxie (free)


My favourite word game. I was playing a different game and an ad popped up for Moxie, stating that it was the most addictive game ever. "Well," I thought, "I'll be the judge of that." I went to download it ... and ended up getting far too little sleep that night because I had to play just one more round before turning out the light. I like it because there is no time-limit on each round.

7 Little Words (free)


Pair the supplied groups of letters to find the solution words to the clues. No time limit. There is one bundle of free puzzles supplied, then you can either buy more (I haven't) or use the free puzzle supplied every day.

Word Collapse (free)


Very fun! Find the words in the correct order to make the letters collapse and disappear. No time limit.

Word Jewels (free)


Another game without a time limit. (Time limits make my brain freeze up!) Check this one out if you like word games.

Textropolis (free)


Make as many words as you can with the supplied city names (no time limit). Daniel enjoys this one too.

Fishtropolis (free)


Same as Textropolis but with fish names.

Well, that's all I have to share today in the way of apps - I hope something here is new to you and that you will enjoy it as much as I do. Please share your favourite apps in the comments below, I'd love to try out some new ones!

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