29 September 2012

Rug pulled out from under my feet

We were informed yesterday that our landlord has put the house on the market. Cue total freak out.

I completely overreacted, and knew that I was overreacting, but it was an emotional response. In the wake of two years of not knowing what was going to happen, when or if we were going to move to New Zealand, then moving, and trying to settle and finally feeling like we could catch our breath ... now we are back into the zone of not knowing what is going to happen, when or if we have to move and feeling unsettled again. It was like ripping open a half-healed wound.

Will the house sell quickly? Will it sell at all? Will it sell to an investor who will keep us on as tenants? Or will a private buyer purchase and want to move in? (In which case we will have 42 days to vacate!)

So yes, I freaked out. And got angry. And got upset and ranted and cried.

But now I've had a little time to process it and Grant and I have talked and we have a plan and this might even end up being a really good thing for us. Sometimes you need a little nudge to take some risks and move a little closer towards your dreams.

So who knows where we will end up (or which house you will be visiting us in, Karen!) - but as I said yesterday when I was trying to talk myself down from my overreaction: nobody is hurt, dying or dead and we will weather this storm together.

In the meantime, I'd better go and do some cleaning and tidying because the first viewing is today.

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  1. Oh golly Jen, that's a real shock. It's such a shame as you've been lovely and settled in the house. Sending love and prayers xxx

  2. Yikes!!!!! Good thing you are so organized to begin with. I'm sure you'll be packed and ready to leave when necessary. It sucks that this is spending to you... But things might just get even better! Who knows. Good luck. (you won't need it! ;))

  3. Oh what a shame. Isn't there ANY way you could put in an offer? But I'm sure everything will turn out fine; I'm a great believer in things are meant to be, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. You could always do what "they" do on TV and sabotage the viewings? (Just joking - I know you wouldn't do that any more than I would... tempting though it might be.) Jude.xx

  4. Wow, I cannot believe that your landlord did not give you any more notice than that. Good luck to you and your family in whatever you decide to do. You will just have a ball fixing up another house....My prayers are with you

  5. Wow, that is a shock. Of course it will all turn out OK. Things always do. Still, what a shock.

  6. How frustrating for you, after all you've been through. I'm sending lots of prayer for comfort and answers!


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