2 February 2013

Last health update for now

I promise this isn't going to turn into a the-state-of-Jen's-health blog! This is my last update for now.

I went to the naturopath and it was very interesting. She did a live blood analysis, which means she used a drop of my blood and a microscope and a screen to look at my blood and actually show me what she was talking about. The first thing she noticed is that I have candida. (When I came home and Googled the symptoms I was amazed at how many of them I have.) She also picked up a bunch of other things (because I'm pretty much a hot mess!), among them low iron, mineral imbalance, liver stress and leaky gut (doesn't that sound disgusting?).

Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff to take and a plan of action and am very hopeful to feel better soon (even if my wallet doesn't!)

With regards to Hashimoto's, I am aware of it (my cousin has it - in fact, my naturopath has it herself) but I think my T3 and T4 levels were such that it wasn't indicated, even though my TSH was high. I have faith that my naturopath will be able to help restore normal function, but will definitely still go back for retesting in a few months.

I won't keep harping on about my health, but hope to be able to post a positive update in a couple of months letting you know how I'm getting on.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supportive and kind - it means the world to me.


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