28 March 2013


I'm sorry, there is no proper post today as I'm really sick, boohoo. As if dealing with a long-term chronic illness isn't bad enough, I have been felled by either a really evil cold or the flu and I feel awful, plus I was only able to sleep for 1 hour last night due to coughing / sneezing / dripping.

I plan to do a big update post soon. I also have a big pile of post ideas but, alas, no energy to execute them.

I do think it may be time to accept that I just can't keep up with the one-post-a-day schedule. I'm really bummed as I was able to provide 365 posts last year and really wanted to keep it up. We'll see. I might be able to keep doing the photo-with-a-quote posts, but sometimes I do feel like it would be nice to take a little break, especially when things get on top of me.

I just want to say that I am so so SO grateful for every comment, every email, every like on my Instagram, and in fact every single one of you readers, whether I hear from you or not. I can't find the words to express what it means to me that you visit my little corner of the blogosphere and that you care. When I get an email from a reader saying she's been praying for me it literally brings tears to my eyes. It means SO much to me.

THANK YOU!! Really. Each and every one of you, thank you so much.

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